1. On admission, each student is given an identity card duly attested by the Principal. The student will have to carry the card always and produce the same whenever demanded by the college authorities.
  2. All students shall compulsorily wear a white over-coat with name badge while in the campus.
  3. Every student should conduct himself /herself in an exemplary manner both at the campus and public places.
  4. No student of the college should indulge in any activity that involves him/her in civil or criminal litigation.
  5. Smoking, liquor and drugs are banned in the college and hospital premises.
  6. Students should refrain from disfiguring the walls , furniture etc and from other objectionable practices.
  7. Change of address, telephone numbers and other details should be informed at the college office/ students section.
  8. Students have to watch the notice boards of the college/hospital/departments and website (bramc.org) for latest information.


Teaching & Non Teaching staff and Students of all terms “SMART CARD” registered on28th and 29th September 2016 in college 1st floor c wing.


Every student should be Regular and punctual and have a minimum of 75% attendance in theory and practical separately in each subject, in each phase, calculated from the date of commencement of the term to the last working day as notified by the University to take the examination.

Internal Assessment

It is based on theory and practical test evaluation assignments, preparation of seminar, clinical presentation etc., Regular periodic examinations is conducted throughout the course.

A minimum of three internal exams are conducted and the final marks is decided based on their performance on all the above. Those candidates who score 50% and above are permitted to take up the University exams.

University Examinations

University exams are held at the end of each phase in each subject, as per the guidelines of the RGUHS. (held twice in a year)


Pay yearly Tuition fees and and other fees if any before the due date Defaulters will not be allowed to write the University examination